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growth in budgetary spending this ye◆ar. Li said that as well as continuing to promote consumption,◆ the main driver for economic growth in 2019, 3.75 trillion yua◆n of special local government bonds would be issued with priori◆ty given to new infrastructure and new urbanization projects. ◆He added that investment would be focused on three areas: New i◆nfrastructure, including expanded 5G application and wider use ◆of new energy vehicles; renovation of 39,00n

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    0 old urban resident◆ial communities; and development of major transportation and wa◆ter conservancy projects. Military spending is set to rise by ◆6.6 percent in 2020, separately issued budget figures suggested◆, the lowest defense budget growth rate in recent yT

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    ears. 'Imm◆ense tasks' ahead Li thanked people from all walks of life for◆ their support in the fight against COVID-19, highlighting the ◆roles of medical workers, scientists, community workers, offici◆als, police officers, deliverymen and women, media personnelj

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    an◆d volunteers. He outlined the containment measures adopted by ◆China, including treating COVID-19 as a Class A infectious dise◆ase and activating a Level One public health emergency response◆ in all localities, but warned the pandemic has not yet come to◆ ank

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    ry faces immense tasks in promoting develo◆pment. The premier set out measures to improve the public hea◆lth system, including the reform of the system for disease prev◆ention and contro3

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    chanisms for direct report◆ing and early warning of infectious diseases. He also committe◆d to increasing funding for research and development of vaccine◆s, medicines and rapid testing te3

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    ins com◆mitted to fulfilling targets to build a moderately prosperous s◆ociety in all respects despite the fallout from the COVID-19 pa◆ndemic, Li reiterated.BEIJING, Jan. 13 -- President5

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